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Best Luxury Car Supplier - Who is Your Next Luxury Car Supplier?

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One of the leading Luxury Car suppliers located in Besant Nagar, Chennai formerly known as Bengaluru. It is one of the biggest car manufacturers all over the country. Thomas Co. is a company incorporated in the year 1923 by a group of entrepreneurs led by Dr. Sumiraj Chokalingam. The name was derived from the name of a street in Bangalore called 'Thames' which the company was located on. This company makes various luxury automobiles, executive cars and sedans, etc. Read more info here.

Land Rover England's premier luxury car supplier has been making high-end vehicles in Australia for the last few years. It also has an operations center in Brisbane, which is responsible for the delivery and supply of vehicles to the dealers. It has recently started manufacturing mini buses in Australia. Its other manufacturing units are located at Geelong, Victoria and Oxford.

Audi Germany's second largest luxury car supplier is an experienced luxury car supplier. It has established its own manufacturing plant in Australia. Although it manufactures in China, many of its cars are still manufactured in Germany. Some of its cars have won several awards in different countries including the International Car Excellence Awards.

Audi is engaged in manufacturing luxury vehicles for both private individuals and commercial fleets. It recently launched its latest model SUV, the Audi Q3, which will compete with SUV and luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volvo. The company has launched a new product, Audi All Track, in the segment of luxury hire cars in Australia.

Smart cars from Smart Cars Australia is a part of the brand's growth strategy in the country. It has launched a new digital marketing campaign, 'Drive', which uses LED light technology in the production of Smart cars. These vehicles come fitted with powerful halogen headlights and high intensity LED daytime running lamps. Other features that come with the cars are high precision front headlamps, sport bar mesh grill, dual zone automatic climate control, premium leather interior, diamond-style upholstery, power window defrost and premium sound system with 10-speaker audio system. Apart from these, Smart Cars also come with a unique body design, front projector fog lights, hand brake pedal assist, variable rate mileage and much more. Apart from manufacturing Smart cars at its plant, Smart Cars are also taking part in various ad campaigns in the luxury car segment in order to promote its products.

The brand is also working on a new campaign called, 'Wifeiliarity Campaign'. It will help the brand in creating social media profiles for the brand's dealerships across the country. The company is targeting mainly women and they want to create profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and a few other popular social media sites. Visit this website for more details -

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